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GuangDong household industry Federation Set Up,Our Company Was Elected Executive Director


GuangDong household industry Federation as an integrated hub orgnization that Integrating the advantage resources.Under the proposed from former secretary of the guangdong provincial party committee,vice premier wang Yang and GDF(GuangDong Furniture Chamber Of Commerce) GuangDong Household Building Materials Chamber Of Commerce, GuangDong Decoration Association , Brand Furniture Club ,key industry orgnization as well as household industry leading enterprise jointly set up.Federation members regard the top ten enterprises as the core, Form the industry alliance consist of hundreds of leading enterprises, through “Resource Sharing, Industrial interaction , promote the depth of the outstanding brand and excellent market to optimize cooperation , innovation and development of marketing,channel mode , strategy Implementation .



The ceremony of founding and the 1st session of the council Inauguration hold in Shangri Hotel, Vice chairman of Guangdong province people's political consultative conference, LiuRiZhi attended the ceremony that night.


In addition, more than 200 well-known entrepreneurs Well-known entrepreneurs from ceramics, furniture, flooring, sanitary ware, stair, wooden doors and other fields, and from The ministry of commerce, The national federation of industry and commerce, The guangdong government leaders and national excellent head of the household market, the real estate industry celebrities, national excellent decoration design agencies, national excellent household brand agents,Director from federation of GuangDong household industry, etc. total of more than 800 guests attended the meeting.

Chairman of Opie ambry enterprise co. LTD., Yao liangsong association's first President. Our company, Lin Shaowu was elected executive director.